Gretchen Ladd M.Ed, RCC, RCAT - Clinical Counsellor & Registered Art Therapist

I offer small group workshops in a warm and friendly studio environment.

Creative Arts Workshops are open to anyone interested in taking the time and space to connect with themselves through creative process. The art making in these workshops is focused on building a compassionate approach to personal expression and no previous art experience is necessary.

Professional Development Workshops are designed for art therapists and practitioners in related fields (expressive arts therapists, counselors, social workers, healthcare workers etc) who seek to broaden their therapeutic skills and learn more about art and healing.   

If you would like to be on the email list with announcements for upcoming workshops please email me here.

For more information or to register:
please call 778-554-1032 or email

Past Workshops:

Woven Stories: Exploring Personal Narratives through Weaving

Creativity and Self-Compassion: Strengthening the Heart through Art & Meditation

The Heart Blossoms: Expressive Drawing and Japanese Calligraphy

Healing Dolls, Dream Animals and Superheroes

Everyday Zenga: Unleashing Creativity through Brush and Ink 

Art & Ukulele: A Day of Creative Renewal for Helping Professionals


Thresholds of Change: Art Therapy & End of Life

Eye on Self: Art Therapy & Self-Portraiture



The Nomad's Pocket: Travel Shrines

Gretchen Ladd  Tel. 778-554-1032  E-mail:
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